the Life of an intern

This summer has been a long car ride to a vacation that is a well needed breath of air. I started this summer with 2 jobs and an internship at the East Peoria Times-Courier. I was determined to handle the work load, partially because I needed money and partially because I like being busy. I... Continue Reading →


Summer romance

In the past week I have lost my boyfriend, my editor died and I left on a family vacation I vowed wold help me relax and move forward with my life. It is amazing what vacations can do for letting go. I am letting things slide off my back taking the pain with it. After... Continue Reading →

Levels of Broke

Sitting at work today I realized that I have hit a whole new level of broke. This caused anĀ entireĀ discussion, in my head of course, of what the levels of broke out be. I think I have it narrowed down to just a few:The Faker (Level 1): This is the person that claims with all of... Continue Reading →

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