just another new years blog

This past year has been truly life changing. I left a job that was not fulfilling and started a job that I love. I am happy to go to work everyday and I love the people I work for and with. I no longer have to exhaust myself working 2 jobs to pay my bills. … Continue reading just another new years blog


a turn for the worse

I am being honest with everyone reading this (even if it is only 3 people) and in order to be honest I have to admit that I am 202lbs as if 6 am this morning. I have gained 4 lbs back. I have two options at this point, I can be upset and wallow in … Continue reading a turn for the worse

serious measures are needed

I think it is time for some serious measures, time to bring in the big guns, time to get serious. I am 10lbs down, and it is time to bring in the big guns, my mom. It is time to workout like an athlete and truly get down to business. I have my eating under control … Continue reading serious measures are needed

“I really wanna lose 3 pounds”

That is probably one of my favorite lines from Mean Girls for a few reasons. First she is going about it all the wrong way but the funniest part to me all these years was the fact that she wanted to lose 3lbs. I used to laugh at that and think wow I can lose … Continue reading “I really wanna lose 3 pounds”

Cheat Days

This weekend I let myself have a cheat day for the first time since I started on this crazy weight loss path and healthy lifestyle road. I had IHOP for brunch and movie theater popcorn for dinner. The fluffy pancakes, yummy eggs, peppery sausage, crunchy hash browns, buttery popcorn, and the sweet bubbly taste and … Continue reading Cheat Days