working the day away… or not

Since I was 16 years old I have worked a minimum of 20 hours a week on a normal week and in the summer it was much more than that and gaining a second job the summer before I went away to college only had me working harder and longer. But all these jobs, while... Continue Reading →


running away

I have never been a runner. I never thought that waking up hours earlier than I needed to be awake for my day to go outside and and push myself to a heavy sweat would actually improve my day. But I was completely wrong.One lovely spring day sitting outside the Alpha Sigma Tau house at... Continue Reading →

technology had beauty

I have been going without a computer for months now because someone broke the very nice Macbook Pro that my parents bought for me (that is a whole other story that does not need to be shared), but it was not until I was without did I realize how much the computer and I were... Continue Reading →

grateful should last for more than a day

So far in my internship I have not come across a story that has really made me think... until yesterday. I showed up at the single story white house with no¬†expectations¬†and nerves that I haven't gotten for an interview since freshman year. I was interviewing the mother of a little girl with cancer and there... Continue Reading →

and It was never found again

I am not the cleanest person that walks this earth but I like to think that I have a system, although maybe it isn't the best one to have. I like to keep things where ever they lay. This leads to a crazy mess that only I can sift through. I claim to know where... Continue Reading →

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