Tau Tugs: The day after

We made it past the first round! We beat Delta Delta Delta on Wednesday. It took all of my energy but when I was done it was well worth it! We did amazing! AST made it to the weekend in tugs for the first time in over 20 years!!!! Then Friday came and we fought... Continue Reading →


Tau Tugs: Day I really have no idea…

So I am behind. Very behind. But I was very busy! This past weekend was Greek Sing and Airband. Although I did not participate in Airband I was there watching and my ASTs did great! I am always so proud of them but this year was something new and exciting and just great all the... Continue Reading →

Tau Tugs: Day 29

I hate our late practices. I know they are necessary¬†and there is no other time to do them but they throw us all off so much. Last night everyone seemed a little tense when we got to practice and usually once we are there for a bit we can shake it but there was no... Continue Reading →

Tau Tugs: Days 25 -28

I haven't had a lot of time to write since Wednesday and with me going home on Thursday there wasn't much to say. I think we were ok Wednesday but I don't think anything too awesome happened since I don't remember it. Thursday practice was cancelled. Friday we decided to practice on our own since... Continue Reading →

Tau Tugs: Days 23 + 24

WE DON"T HAVE TO LOSE WEIGTH ANYMORE! A big thank you goes out to the Greek Week committee¬†for this! Because the last few days at practice have not been our best and I think our lack of strength is coming from us not eating as much as we should because we were all so worried... Continue Reading →

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