its time to join something bigger than you

It is time to choose happy. It is time to work your hours, when you want, and for yourself. For the month of January, if you sign up with me to join me in all the fun that I have at work - of you sign up to be your own boss - you get... Continue Reading →


how to pack your jewels

Last weekend I took a trip to Nashville with my husband and I did a video about how to pack my jewels. Now usually to go along with my video I have a blog post to write it out. But for this one that best way to show what is going on is to have... Continue Reading →

spring style trends you can actually wear!

Don't you hate when all of the articles about fashion week come out and you scroll through to look at the trends only to see that they are insane. Yes I said it and I mean it. All of the crazy fashion week clothes and accessories are INSANE!! No one in the real world would... Continue Reading →

Fall Launch 2017

About a week ago today we launched our fall line and ladies (and gentlemen) this is some of the best stuff we have had yet (at least in my opinion). I want it all!! Every last piece!!! But of course, it is wedding crunch time here (only 100 days left!!), so we decided that this... Continue Reading →

what they don’t tell you

When I started my Independent Sales business I knew it would not be easy but I was determined. I did learn that there are some things they do not tell you though. So here is the dirty truth: You have to have thick skin. You get told no over and over again - without thick... Continue Reading →

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