one month +

One Month and 11 days and 22 hours. That is how far I made it without having even a bite or sip of gluten or dairy. But last night I broke down for some apple cider doughnuts (ok half of one). The doughnut of all doughnuts. The cream of the doughnut crop. Fall in doughnut... Continue Reading →


am I being too sensitive?

It's funny to think that I started this whole thing because my body was intolerant and sensitive to dairy and gluten and now all I think is "Have I made it worse?" On Friday night I went out to eat with my family to a local Mexican restaurant. I asked the waiter if the chips... Continue Reading →

lets play a game

In spite of the scary movie-esque title this is not a scary post. Nothing bad happened. No one got sick, no one pooped their pants, no one hurt themselves. Nothing overly bad happened. This was a game of what is causing my headache and stomach ache. And this game lasted for a week. Ever since... Continue Reading →

accidents happen

This past weekend I learned a hard lesson, one that ended up with the bubbly tummys and a desire to lay on the couch all day, I learned that Tootsie Roll Fruities have milk in them. THEY HAVE SKIM MILK IN THEM! Who would have thought??? I sure as heck didn't. And I did not... Continue Reading →

Pasta Woes

There is an Italian restaurant that is a staple to my area and it is one of my husband and I's go to places for a quick meal, especially when we are over at my in-laws. And of course, we all know that best part of Italian foods is that is very carbohydrate or bread... Continue Reading →

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