A moment to look in

accidents happen

This past weekend I learned a hard lesson, one that ended up with the bubbly tummys and a desire to lay on the couch all day, I learned that Tootsie Roll Fruities have milk in them. THEY HAVE SKIM MILK IN THEM! Who would have thought??? I sure as heck didn't. And I did not... Continue Reading →


Pasta Woes

There is an Italian restaurant that is a staple to my area and it is one of my husband and I's go to places for a quick meal, especially when we are over at my in-laws. And of course, we all know that best part of Italian foods is that is very carbohydrate or bread... Continue Reading →

Three days complete and going strong

I am still going strong. I have not caved once! This is going to be so easy I may extend and just keep going after my first month. Could you tell that I was lying there? The first day went by super fast and was surprisingly easy. I think I was more excited to do... Continue Reading →

food equals fuel but food intolerance can jeopardize proper fueling

Warning: Long, semi graphic both about skin and stomach things. I look in the mirror trying to get ready for work and spot another zit. I don't remember it being there when I looked in the mirror before I took a shower not more than 20 minutes ago! How could I have another! It has... Continue Reading →

its time to join something bigger than you

It is time to choose happy. It is time to work your hours, when you want, and for yourself. For the month of January, if you sign up with me to join me in all the fun that I have at work - of you sign up to be your own boss - you get... Continue Reading →

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