its time to Buckle Down

Saturday I ran the first 5K of 2015 on the riverfront in Peoria and it was HARD. The race path shouldn't have been, it was flat. I finished in 32.36 and I should have been much faster. I have no idea what got me. I was dying before the end of mile one and there... Continue Reading →


running right up to to the start line

Eight days.... I have eight days... then I have to run my first 5k of 2015. For anyone who wants to come and support me, Kailey and Taylor we are kicking off the 2015 season with the Inplanetary 5k on the Peoria River Front April 21 at 9 a.m. Better be on time. We are... Continue Reading →

Using this weird warm winter weather to help me train

I hate the cold. I hate everything about it. So about a month ago when it really started getting cold, I stopped running. Now I know that seems silly, and it was, but it would have taken me a lot to go out in the cold more than the 2 times my friends made me.... Continue Reading →

Miles that Matter

For the past 3 year, me and my one of my best friends, Kailey, have put miles and miles on various running shoes. We were striving for something, or better yet striding for something, something for us, that would change us or better us. Of course the more we ran the better in shape we... Continue Reading →

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