spring style trends you can actually wear!

Don’t you hate when all of the articles about fashion week come out and you scroll through to look at the trends only to see that they are insane. Yes I said it and I mean it. All of the crazy fashion week clothes and accessories are INSANE!! No one in the real world would or really could wear that stuff. For starters, half of the stuff looks like it would be extremely uncomfortable (Seriously! This year one of the trends is plastic!). Then there is the matter of paying for that stuff, who has that much money. I like to look good for my body type, on trend and on a budget.

I took a bit, went through the trends, and found the best ways for everyday women to rock the trends.

Front Facing Hoops
Hoops have been a fashion statement for as long as I can remember. They come and go and change and grown and shrink. But year after year they come back. But this year style has taken the hoops to all new levels this season and turning them! Front facing hoops are a fun way to add a little flair to a classic look that never gets old.

front hoops

Logo apparel came around when I was in middle school and everyone was decked out in their logos. But shortly there after they went away and it was a mocking offense to be seen in logos. Not to mention that the logo wear itself always brought out the worst in people, with mockery when you were not wear the good brands. So instead of logos, I propose we wear “power shirts.” Shirts that help us see that power in ourselves and the drive to get s*** done!


Asymmetric Necklines
Every year necklines go up, down, over and across. This year the best way to show off your asymmetric neckline is a versatile shirt that is comfortable and cute. Showing a little shoulder is a game changer when you can still be comfortable and feel like you can take on this trend.


60’s Floral
I am a sucker for a floral print. If there are flowers on it you can almost guarantee that I am going to buy it. But the 60’s was even more floral of a decade than I like to be. While 60’s style floral is on the rise again, I would rather go statement floral than an all over floral. Statement floral allows you to wear your good quality basics with a pop of colorful flowers to keep you right one trend.


When I am not flowered, I am a little more hard core and punk is back. This is probably the easiest trend to grab and run with. From a horn necklace to a leather jacket, it is the best spring trend for those who do want to give up winter colors (like me!). Plus the throw back to the 90s is a great side effect!


Now don’t you feel better about spring springing and all you have to do for the rest of winter is shop and get ready for the styles of spring.

You can shop the items above here: stelladot.com/sites/brandyce


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