what they don’t tell you

When I started my Independent Sales business I knew it would not be easy but I was determined. I did learn that there are some things they do not tell you though. So here is the dirty truth:

  1. You have to have thick skin.
    You get told no over and over again – without thick skin you will break down every day. Yes because they don’t want to host a party doesn’t mean they are not your friends.
  2. More people will tell you no than tell you yes.
    You can ask 100 people a day and you may only get 2 people to say yes. Bring out that thick skin and wear it proud. Wear it like a brand along with your brand. You are your company and you are your brand so wear it proud no matter how many people say no. You know your product is great and they may see it soon – but then again they may never see it.
  3. You have to talk to a lot of people you don’t know and make a fool of yourself.
    Today I walked from business to business around my town giving flyers for a pop up boutique. I only knew 2 of the people that I talked to in that hour I walked around. But I wore my product proud, introduced myself and sold myself and my brand – this is how you get more of those yeses.
  4. Getting the ball rolling is hard.
    When you first start there will be tons of people that say no, and getting your business off the ground can be hard. But you have to push hard, work hard and put yourself out there. Eventually it will catch and you will create a community of people that want to have you parties and help you sell your wonderful stuff to all of their friends.
  5. It’s more than just selling to your friends and family.
    The biggest thing to remember when you start this is that you are not selling to people you already know. Sure they may be a starting point but they are not who you are aiming for in the long haul. Let them help you meet their friends and their family and continue to grow your network. You want to sell to as many people that are not family that you can.

Starting an independent sales business is fun, don’t let me detour you from taking this step. I love that I started my Stella and Dot business and I have so much fun sharing my style with everyone!


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