for the girl that needs to be prepared

So as many of you know, I work my full time from home. But once a week I travel to our home office to work for the day. When I go I like to be prepared, I always like to be prepared. So when I purchased the Reversible Voyage Tote from Stella & Dot I knew that I had found something amazing and I was not wrong! Look at the attached photo – this is the actual photo of me using the bag this morning. If you take a look inside you will find: a book, a tablet, the keyboard for my tablet, a bottle of water, yogurt, an apple, salad, my wallet, a small clutch that clips in the bag and came with it, sunglasses, lipstick, lip gloss, deodorant, some pens, my business cards and a few mini look books. Plus there is more room!! This is literally the best bag I have ever bought. I also spilled some dressing in my bag this morning but when I got to work I simply wiped the bag out with a damp cloth and it was good as new!

bag use

So how do you get one?
You host a trunk show and get this and many other fun items free! Or you spend at least $50 at a trunk show and get it half off. But if you are like me and have to have it now you can go online and purchase it right now. Plus there are 3 other patterns and did I mention that it is reversible!


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