What “Say Yes to the Dress” doesn’t tell you

I did my first trying on/shopping experience a few days ago and I learned a few things that I feel I should tell the women of the world before they get to this point. Of course I was excited. I was trying on wedding dresses for goodness sake! I was pumped! But sadly I learned a few things that made me realize that dress shopping isn’t all the glamour that it is portrayed to be. Here is what you need to know:

  1. The dresses are heavy! I picked up 3 dresses while I walked around and quickly my arm started to become fatigued. Who knew a couple of dresses could be that heavy.
  2. Taking on and off all of those dresses makes you sweaty! I know this sounds gross but the fact is you get a little sweaty trying on that any dresses.
  3. The material most dresses are made out of do not stretch. I am a leggings and stretchy jean wearing girl and these dresses don’t stretch at all. There is no give, see point #2.
  4. You have to cram your body into all kinda of weird positions. I have squishing this, sucking in that and wiggling this to get into these dresses only to have to do it again to get out of them. Again see point #2.
  5. Wedding dress sizes are crap!! I tried on dresses of all sizes and they all fit me differently. Wedding dresses are just like the rest of the world of women’s clothing sizes, they make no sense! So if you have to get a size you don’t think you should wear don’t let it get you down. Get the size that make you comfortable because that is what you will look the best in.

Trying on dresses is supposed to be fun so go in realizing that not every dress is the one and no matter what size dress you ended up with you will look beautiful on your wedding day.


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