just another new years blog

This past year has been truly life changing. I left a job that was not fulfilling and started a job that I love. I am happy to go to work everyday and I love the people I work for and with. I no longer have to exhaust myself working 2 jobs to pay my bills. I bought a new (to me) Jeep, so now I have a car that runs properly and I am not afraid will break down on the way to work.

Most importantly I met the man that I am going to spend the rest of my life with, the man that helps me be the best version of me every day. Mathew came out of no where to change my life for the better. It is true that it is always when you least expect it. I can’t wait to have amazing life experience with him for the rest of our lives.

But when starting 2017, I am a few weeks into my healthy lifestyle change. I started this journey in what is probably the most indulgent time of year, but I think that I have done ok given everything. Two Christmases. A long weekend in Minnesota with Mall of America shopping and a NFL game. I walked a lot. Ate somewhat good. But not completely healthy.

Now, all of the festivities are over, it is time to get it together.

Starting now for the next month I am going to eat no more gluten (I think it is causing me to break out) and very little/no dairy. I am going to get serious about the dinners that I cook and actually cooking food more than eating out. This allows me to have more control over what I am putting in my body. #eatforfuel

I am also mixing up my workouts a bit and doing something a little bit more cardio based but still leaving in my lifting because building lean muscle is still important. #todayislegday #makethemsore

Check out my blog post A Turn for the Worse for my workouts.

This Weeks Menu (check my Pintrest for recipes):
Tuesday: Baked Chicken and Veggies
Wednesday: Taco Soup
Thursday: Quinoa Lasagna Skillet
Friday: Sweet Potato Noodles with Taco Soup leftovers (the soup recipe makes a lot)


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