its time to Buckle Down

Photo by Michele Strickler

Photo by Michele Strickler

Saturday I ran the first 5K of 2015 on the riverfront in Peoria and it was HARD. The race path shouldn’t have been, it was flat. I finished in 32.36 and I should have been much faster. I have no idea what got me. I was dying before the end of mile one and there are still two more to go!

It wasn’t a big race so we took off fast. I was determined to keep pace with Kailey. I was going to stay with her for the entire 5K. There was nothing and no one that was going to get in my way… except my own body apparently. By the end of mile one I was coughing pretty hard. I guess those spring allergies are here. Coughing and running are not easy to do at the same time and I had to walk.

But just for a bit. I could still see Kailey’s back when I started running again. Again determined to keep her in my sight and finish with her. But no sooner has I decided that then the coughing came back. I pushed through it for a bit but it called for another walk.

This pattern kept up for all 3 miles. Overall I think I walked 3 times, not awful but not at all what I had in mind when I woke up that morning and a 32.36 time was far from what I wanted to achieve. I crossed the finish line coughing and disappointed in myself. Determined to make the next one and all following much better.

So we went out last night. We were going to train. But it turned into another run where I am disappointed in myself. We walked too much and it was all my fault.

So here is where I give myself some tough love: I need to get it together. I need to buckle down and push through and all other clique phrases you can think of with running. I know that it is hard work what I am doing. I know that many people cant do it. But I also know that I can do better. I can be better. I can push myself. I can give that extra at the end. And I will. I will do better on my next one. Because these last two runs were disappointing for me.


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