running right up to to the start line

Eight days…. I have eight days… then I have to run my first 5k of 2015.

For anyone who wants to come and support me, Kailey and Taylor we are kicking off the 2015 season with the Inplanetary 5k on the Peoria River Front April 21 at 9 a.m. Better be on time. We are going to fly through this race!


I would love to spin my tales of how wonderful our training has gone and how much we are improving. And while that would be a great read and I am sure I could write that up, it was be far from the truth. I am here admitting, ashamed but admitting, that I have only ran twice in March.

Our first run was fun… while it wasn’t exactly training. We dodged ice patches and jumped snow banks. We walked over the slippery parts and slid to the stop signs. At one point, the ice actually causing me and Jill to fall down! Now that was a fun run in the cold. It was a great way to laugh and get the joy back in running that we used to thrive with. But it wasn’t exactly wonderful training.

So Kailey and I tried to go out again. This time we tackled Washington, in the warmth, with Brad. It was a much closer to success. We walked one time for a short distance. We pushed through the three to go just a bit farther in order to make up for the walk. We ran 11 minute miles (which is mighty good for out lack of training if I do say so myself). I would not say that it makes me confident on what will happen in eight days but at least I know I won’t fall down with exhaustion halfway through.

But the worst news of any of this that I have to report, worse than my terrible training schedule, worse than the thoughts I have that this race will be my slowest time in 3 years…. No one has donated money to me to help the children. Not a single dollar. Nothing.

GoalSo here is my plead to everyone reading this. Help me help the kids of Easter Seals Central Illinois. Here at Easter Seals Progress is our Promise so while I am making progress out there on the pavement, help these amazing children make progress in here. We have some of the best therapists around who do more than work with these children, they truly care for them.

Go to to donate and see what Easter Seals Central Illinois is all about. Help make my miles matter for the kids.


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