Using this weird warm winter weather to help me train

I hate the cold.

I hate everything about it.

So about a month ago when it really started getting cold, I stopped running. Now I know that seems silly, and it was, but it would have taken me a lot to go out in the cold more than the 2 times my friends made me. And let me tell you, I was far from happy about those few times. So when the weather did its usual Illinois thing where it can’t decide if it is going to be spring or stay winter and the temps climbed to 40 degrees I really no longer had an excuse (since the other once was kind of flimsy anyways).

So yesterday we went for it. Determined to run at least 3 and see what happened from there. We were optimistic at the start but my legs soon told me that much more than a 3 would be a cruel thing to do to my body.

After running down Jackson in Morton and dodging the snow banks with some balance beam running and snow bank hurdles, events I dubbed our version of a Spartan race, we finally hit the first mile. Wow it seemed hard, but really not long. Only 2 more to go. That wasn’t going to be too bad.

And honestly, that was a little bit of a lie. I got a side cramp at about mile 2 and my ankles hurt at about 2.5. Thankfully my feet did not fall asleep as I feared, but with my ankles on fire that may have felt better.

Did I stop? Heck No! I can run 3 miles and I wasn’t going to let a silly month off mess that up. And we did it!!! in 31 minutes!!!

Positive: My breathing was still good. I could talk to my friend and keep going and we were keeping good time. I think that success!

Lessons learned: Do not take a month of even if you have to have the horrible experience of running inside because while I work out all the time running is completely its own battle. And if it is above 20 degrees get out there and run! Because otherwise your legs will be screaming at you like mine are right now, although I do love being sore…


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