Miles that Matter

For the past 3 year, me and my one of my best friends, Kailey, have put miles and miles on various running shoes. We were striving for something, or better yet striding for something, something for us, that would change us or better us. Of course the more we ran the better in shape we became but who doesn’t. So we were running for ourselves and each other.

What we didn’t count on was how hard the running would become. I am not just talking about when life gets in the way and we have to try harder to find the time to run. I am talking about the running itself. I have never thought of myself at old at 23 but man was my body fighting the miles I was trying to coaxed out of it.

I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Not than 2 years prior I was running 3 miles a day! Sometimes more! How come it was suddenly a struggle to make it to 3!

Then it hit me one day while I was pushing hard to make it through my first mile. My passion was gone. I wasn’t running because it was new and fun and something I had never done before. I could do it. That I knew. I needed something else. So what was my next logical step. Making it matter for someone more than me. It had done its job for me, although I am not in love with my body I do realize how amazing it is and all that it does for me.

So that brings me to me real point. Starting in March of 2015. We will be running a race a month for a year to raise money for the wonderful kiddos at Easter Seals in the name of the Easter Seals Ladies Auxiliary. I am putting my miles in to make a difference for them! So check out my page on and donate to me!

Brandyce's Page

And if this is something you think you want to take part in stay on that site but go to Anyone. Any Race. Anywhere. and watch the inspiring video. You will have a hard time saying no after that!


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