technology had beauty

I have been going without a computer for months now because someone broke the very nice Macbook Pro that my parents bought for me (that is a whole other story that does not need to be shared), but it was not until I was without did I realize how much the computer and I were truly best friends.

I mean we went to class together and to work together. We watched TV and played games together. We were the best of friends.

So of course when it was suddenly ripped from my life it felt as though a part of my body was also taken away from me.

Then I learned how to handle being without my best friend and learned to become best friends with real people, imagine that people as friends. It was a new idea that I had to accept.

So now that I have a newly refurbished 13″ Macbook Pro to blog day and night from as well as maybe just maybe do a bit of homework from if I am feeling up to it. So my love has returned only this time in a 2″ smaller package and for that I am eternally¬†grateful to Eastern Illinois University and me working my ass off to make the money (because the rents would not help with the second one as it was “my fault” that it was broken).

So Welcome to the family Little Mac-y. I will take great care of you. Even greater than you mother who came before you.

Side Note:
I really did have friends outside of my computer before it broke as well as after and none of them are going to be allow to touch this computer that I have now… seriously…. none of you!


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