grateful should last for more than a day

So far in my internship I have not come across a story that has really made me think… until yesterday.

I showed up at the single story white house with no expectations and nerves that I haven’t gotten for an interview since freshman year. I was interviewing the mother of a little girl with cancer and there is no guide book on how to handle this situation so I decided to just be honest about everything and hope I don’t offend.
The talk that lasted for the next hour was more than I ever thought would happen. I learned about a little girl who was adopted from an abusive mother who tried to kill her at a little over a year old and was diagnosed with cancer just a few years later. Her life battle has been harder in her 7 years than most people have to deal with in their entire lives.
This experience really got me thinking. Everything can change in a minute. Maybe you can’t just wake up with cancer but the days you find out things are the days that things change.
When people encounter experiences like this there is always the thought of appreciating life more, taking time to really be thankful for what you have. But this almost never happens for more than that day until a life changing experience happens to you.
I am not saying at all that this is wrong. It is merely how we are has humans. But it is worth saying that maybe we should try to appreciate a little more before so have a bad experience. This is really just a pondering moment in my life and I thought I should share it with everyone. Well that and the beautiful story of the bravest 7 year old I have met, dealing with cancer while she runs around in her sparkly shoes, but only on the grass because running on the street is a danger to her health now.

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