and It was never found again

I am not the cleanest person that walks this earth but I like to think that I have a system, although maybe it isn’t the best one to have. I like to keep things where ever they lay. This leads to a crazy mess that only I can sift through. I claim to know where everything is at exactly in the mess that I call organized.

So the obvious thought would be that I would lose things all the time and that is exactly how my day started out. Starting work today I needed my notebook but could I find the notebook anywhere. Of course not that would allow for work to be easy and that is just not how my life works. So I spend a good 10 minutes looking for this notebook that held all the information I need to get any work done today.

After spending way too much time looking for the notebook I realized I was going to have to figure out what to write about without my notes. Sighing heavily, I sat down at my desk and opened my pink folder and once again I was proven this folder is here to save my life and I do not have the organization that I try to convince myself and others. Right inside the pocket of my trusty folder was the notebook, right in front of my face, there to save my life.

Today was a learning experience. I have learned that looking for a notebook for 10 minutes is a bit too long and my pink folder is always there to save my life. But as I typed the last line a thought of complete terror flashed through my body, what am I going to do when the pink folder breaks and I have to buy a new folder! Nope that is just not an option. Me and this folder are connected for life.


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